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Reflections Art Program

Cal High's 2023-2024 Reflections Showcase

Cal High's 2023-2024 Reflections Showcase

I am Hopeful Because Art Submission
I am Hopeful Because Art Submission
Art Submission
Art Submission
Art Submission
Art Submission
Art Submission
Art Submission
Art Submission
PTA Reflections Arts Program

PTA Reflections Arts Program

The Reflections Art Program is a national program that celebrates art and creativity in our children. It is the perfect opportunity for students, K - 12, to express themselves artistically. Whether by visual art, film, or dance, Reflections is the chance to show your artistic side.


Art Reflections 2023-2024

This year the theme was, I Am Hopeful Because...
We had 22 student submissions with all 6 categories fulfilled!!
The level and depth of the artwork is astonishing! All the students should be very proud!
Thank you to all the students, parents, staff, and community for supporting the Art Reflections Program at Cal High.
December 1st was our Reflections Showcase and Awards Ceremony here at Cal High in the Theater.

Results of this year's Art Reflections contest:

Outstanding Participant
Anoushka Sheth - Visual Arts - Hopeful Together
Charlotte Johnson - Literature - Takes One to Know One
Ivana Cabrera - Visual Arts - Saving the World, One Wheel at a Time
Om Tiwari - Visual Arts - Hearts Full of Kindness
Tanvi Sulam - Nature's Cry for Help
Honorable Mention
Bavagna Sai Gunti - Visual Arts - The Dots
Sarah Xu - Literature - Dreams
Anaga Shalini - Music Composition - The Hopefulness of Love
Award of Merit
Vihaan Tigadikar - Photography - Serenity at the Lake
Hailey Yi - Visual Arts - Earth's Suffocation
Seoyeon Jung - Visual Arts - The Light That Surrounds Me
Keerthi Eraniyan - Music Composition - A Beacon of Light
Zahra Zakai - Literature - I Am Hopeful Because...
Keerthi Eraniyan - Literature - Rainbows
Ria Ramchandani - Literature - Our Coherence
Award of Excellence 
Keerthi Eraniyan - Photography - A Tree of Hope
Kaleo Abadam - Music Composition - Optimistic Overture
Sahana Nagandla - Literature - Allies of Hope
Keerthi Eraniyan - Dance Choreography - Dram Without Boundaries
Meining Mu - Film Production - I Am Hopeful Because...
Soobin Oh - Visual Arts - Help is Available
Nityasree Poondla - Literature - The Hope That God Gave Me
Congratulations to ALL these students!!!  Those that have been given the Award of Excellence, shown above, have been moved forward to the Council Level. The District Showcase is on December 7th at the Dougherty Station Art Center in San Ramon. Everyone is Welcome to attend! It starts at 6pm. The District Showcase will be the next step for our Cal High Students to see whether they've moved on to the next level. What a great accomplishment and hopefully a sense of pride for these students! It has been my absolute pleasure and honor to be the Cal High School Chairperson of Art Reflections for the past 7 years. Working with Zenobia Latheef as our new Art Reflections Chair this year, we have been co-chairing, and she will see you at the District Showcase on December 7th representing Cal High!! Thank You!!!
Important Dates

Important Dates

Friday, October 13, 2023 Cal High submissions Deadline


Friday, December 1, 2023 6pm - 9pm -- Cal High Arts Showcase for all HS @ CH Theater


Thursday, December 7, 2023 at 6pm at Dougherty Station Art Center -- SRV Council of PTAs Reflections Showcase

Questions/Further Information

Questions/Further Information

Please Contact Melanie James & Zenobia Khaleel