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We invite our Cal High community of parents, students, staff and community members to join the Cal High PTSA at any time.  By joining Cal High PTSA you show your support of our goals and help fund our programs.  Membership gives you the option to have your vote count at our monthly PTSA meetings.  Membership does not obligate you to attend meetings or to volunteer unless you are interested in participating.
Types of memberships are listed below:
  • Adult Grizzly:  $16
    • 1 Adult membership (for a parent, grandparent, community member, or any other interested adult)
  • Student Grizzly: $10
    • 1 Student membership (Any senior student applying for a PTA or PTSA scholarship must be a student PTSA member.  The parent/adult membership will not count.)
  • Cal High Staff Grizzly:  $8
    • 1 membership for any Cal High Staff
  • PTSA Donation - Any Amount greatly appreciated!
To join or donate, go to the Cal High Future Fund Store and select the correct option for you or write a check to Cal High PTSA, 9870 Broadmoor Drive, San Ramon (to avoid electronic fees). 
If you have questions, contact PTSA President, Margret Roobol-Boza at
chainlink PTA levels

Our goals are to:

Foster communication and collaboration between home and school

Support a welcoming and inclusive school community

Encourage life-long learning and well-being for parents, students and staff

Inform our parent community about legislation that benefits all students


PTSA programs are supported by Membership Dues, Donations, and Memory Brick Sales.



All parents, staff, students, and community members are encouraged to join the PTSA which also provides membership in the SRV Council of PTA, the 32nd District PTA, California State PTA, and National  PTA.  
The California High PTSA provides or participates in the following programs/services:
Bear Facts School e-Newsletter
Legislative Information and Action
Sister School Program
Celebrating Campus Arts Program
Memory Bricks Fundraiser
Exceptional Education (aka Special Needs)
Scholarships for Graduating Seniors
Parent Education Programs
SRVEF Run for Education
Honorary Service Awards
Reflections Arts Program
Staff Appreciation / Hospitality
Hospitality for School-wide Events
Health and Wellness
Inclusion & Diversity
Parents, Teachers, and Students work together as advocates for all Students.
updated 8/18/2022