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Health & Wellness



It is famously said that our students spend more than 1000 hours per year in school. While the main focus at school is Academic, Athletic, and Social learning, the good health of students is key to success. The CH PTSA is committed to promoting the good health and well-being of all our students. 

With access to the Wellness Center and the Zen Den, the students at Cal High have the tools within reach to stay focused, grounded, and content. The CH PTSA Health & Wellness program works closely with the experts at the Wellness Center, to support their ideas and work, above and beyond the resources already provided by the school.

We work around the five key factors:

  • Meditation, Reflection, and Relaxation

  • Good full night Sleep and Rest

  • Physical Exercise, Outdoor Activities, and access to Air and Daylight.

  • Nutrition, Good Food, and Hydration.

  • Nurturing the Heart, but physical health and mental self.

Health and Safety are closely related, as stated by California State PTA. Our H&W programs are therefore also involved in many events that the ASB leadership team organizes on campus. 

Statement on H&W from San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs Website

Statement on Health and Safety  from California State PTA Website 

For questions or feedback, please reach out to our Health & Wellness Chair at

CH PTSA Health and Wellness Events

organized in collaboration with the ASB, the H&W chair of the Council of PTAs and/or our other 3 HS in the district.

Hello Week: 19-23 September 2022

Celebrate the importance of trusted adults and Upstanders in our community

Red Ribbon Week : 23-31 October 2022

The Red Ribbon Campaign is the largest drug-abuse prevention campaign in the United States.

Thrive week: 12-15 December 2022

A weeklong series of events to build positive mental health on campus.

Words Matter/Cal Cares week: 13-17 February 2023

Celebrate the power of words and the need to support, include and pave a path towards equity for all students, staff, families, and community members.

Say Something week: 12-17 March 2023

Celebrate student upstanders who "Say Something" to trusted adults when noticing warning signs and threats of potential violence- the Sandy Hook Promise.

Thrive Week: 22-25 May 2023

A weeklong series of events to build positive mental health on campus.

Grad Night 2023: 2 June 2023

The sober and spectacular celebration of the 2023 Seniors. 

 …and other events as announced in the Bear Facts Newsletter.

We work hard for a Happy & Healthy Cal High Campus

Student H&W Support During Pre-Finals Review Sessions

Student H&W Support During Pre-Finals Review Sessions

Cal High organizes a final exam review session at the end of each semester, to provide a time and place for students to study and get help from peer tutors if they need it. PTSA Health & Wellness is providing refreshments and supervising the snack table during the event.

Winter Session 2022 , 12/17/2022 "Cocoa and Cram" CHS library 

Spring Session 2023 TBD