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Health & Wellness


California students spend more than 1,000 hours per year on their school campuses, both in the classroom and engaged in school-wide events and organizations. Learning, whether it be in the classroom, in the music room, in the science labs, or out on the football field, is greatly impacted by the health and well-being of the student. Cal High's PTSA is committed to promoting the overall health and wellness of all our Cal High students.

With access to the Wellness Center and the Zen Den, the students at Cal High have the tools within reach to stay focused, grounded, and content. Cal High's Health & Wellness program works closely with the professional staff at the Wellness Center, to support their ideas and work, above and beyond the resources already provided by the school.


We work around the five key factors:

  • Meditation, Reflection, and Relaxation

  • Good full night Sleep and Rest

  • Physical Exercise, Outdoor Activities, and access to Air and Daylight.

  • Nutrition, Good Food, and Hydration.

  • Nurturing the Heart, but physical health and mental self.


Health and Safety are closely related, as stated by California State PTA. Our H&W programs are therefore also involved in many events that the ASB leadership team organizes on campus. 


Statement on H&W from San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs Website


Statement on Health and Safety  from California State PTA Website 


For questions or feedback, or if you would like to be more involved in Cal High's H&W program, please reach out to our Health & Wellness Chair at