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Exceptional Education Committee (EEC)

Exceptional Education Committee (formerly known as Special Needs)

Exceptional Education Committee (formerly known as Special Needs)

Cal High PTSA's EEC -- Who We Are:

The PTSA Exceptional Education Committee (EEC) fosters collaboration among parents, teachers, staff, schools, and the community to support children with exceptional learning and special needs. Many schools have an EEC Representative on their local PTA who represents their school at district-level council of PTAs. At Cal High, our PTSA EEC representative participates in the larger, council and district-wide EEC planning and shares that information with our school community. Cal High’s EEC also plans programs, including coffees, meet-and-greets, and parent education for our local community. Like all PTSA programs, EEC relies entirely on parent volunteers and is always open and welcoming to any parent or family member who would like to be involved.


What We Do:

  • Provide information and support to parents and staff so they can help Exceptional Learners succeed.

  • Help ALL children and adults understand and appreciate challenges faced by children who are exceptional learners.

  • Work legislatively to secure and retain adequate laws and funding for children who are exceptional learners.


As part of our educational outreach, we typically plan a valuable array of programs to provide support for parents and educators of children who are exceptional learners.


  • Informal Coffees/Get Togethers: EEC often provides informal get togethers where parents and sometimes educators can share information and get to know each other.

  • Evening Programs/Parent Ed: Evening/ Parent Ed event will be held throughout the year, on various topics related to children and youth who are exceptional learners.

  • Annual Parenting Conference: TBD 

  • Ability Awareness Week: TBD.  The SRV Council of PTAs traditionally provides and supports ability awareness workshops and simulations to students, parents, and staff.


Please Join Our Email Distribution List HERE 


You can sign up for our local Cal High Newsletter, the SRVCPTAs newsletter as well as special needs events and information. We e-mail information about our upcoming programs, as well as other local programs of interest to the community, through the SRV Council Exceptional Education (aka Special Needs) Constant Contact list. The monthly SRVCPTA newsletter always includes a Special Needs article.