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Cal High Bear Facts


Bear Facts is our weekly newsletter for Cal High. Articles include information from Cal High, Cal High student/parent organizations, SRVUSD, and PTSA. The Bear Facts is your reliable and trusted news source, directly in your weekly email box.
If you didn't receive the Bear Facts email last year or are not receiving it now [emailed out Monday morning of each week], then click on the link below to join the PTA email list or update your profile.
Be sure to check the box for California HS in order to receive the weekly Bear Facts and communications directly from Cal High.


Bear Facts only publishes information provided by Cal High PTSA, Cal High School Admin and Staff, Cal High Boosters, Organizations and Clubs, SRVCPTA, and SRVUSD that concern our students and community. We cannot publish information from outside organizations that are not approved by the Council of PTAs, SRVUSD or our Cal High School administrators. We are not permitted to advertise. Thank you for your understanding.
If you would like to more information contact our Bear Facts editor, Betsy Horvath at
  • Bear Facts articles are due by Thursdays at 8 pm
  • Articles should be worded exactly as you want them in the Bear Facts and should be brief. To keep it brief but still contain all the information needed, you can include a link that will provide more detailed information.