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Corporate Match

Corporate Match

Did you know that Corporate Matching can increase school donations by 60%. Most companies will match your tax deductible donation, dollar for dollar. Many employers have a timeline within which a match has to be requested so please submit your request as soon as possible. If both you and your spouse work make sure you check with BOTH parents’ employers.
There are a couple of ways that you can ensure that you are able to take advantage of the  Corporate Match program:
  • When you complete the school online registration process on Future Fund and if your company is already registered to participate in the Corporate Match Program a Welcome Corporate Match email will be sent to you on your registered email automatically. Please go through the Welcome email and follow the steps to complete the Corporate Match process.
  • Alternatively, if you do not receive a Welcome Corporate Match email on completion of the registration you can see if your company will match your donations by simply clicking on Then follow the below steps:
  • If your company participates in Corporate Match click on the Go To Matching Gift Form URL link to go directly to your matching system or to access the form on your company’s intranet. 
  • Retrieve your registration or donation receipt. You should have received an email with your receipt attached. If you can no longer locate your receipt email us to ask for a copy.
  • Submit a match for each tax deductible donation listed on your registration receipt.  Please be sure to submit separate match requests for payments to PTSA, CHS Academic Boosters, CHS Instrumental Boosters, CHS Athletic Boosters etc. as each has a different Tax ID.
  • The Tax ID for CHS Education Fund- Academic Boosters is 
  • You can also make donations through cheques to CHS Education Fund and mention CHS Academic Booster in the notes along with the student details and mail it to CHS Ed Fund/Academic Booster P.O. Box 3563, San Ramon, CA 94583.
Truly your donations make a huge difference in the education of your child. Your continued support and generosity make it possible for California High School to:
  • Add additional class sections and reduce class sizes
  • Host college information nights
  • Sustain student team support
  • Support technology initiatives
  • Award teacher grants
  • Provide academic scholarships for our students
Please send in any queries to