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Vinita Battu
Vinita Battu - Registrar            
Phone: (925) 803-3200
Fax:  (925) 828-1054

Education Verification

If you are an Employer or Verification company and need education verification, please email or fax the form or document to the Registrar. 



Former Student: Available for $5 from the CHS Future Fund Store.

Once your order is complete, send the following to

  1. Copy of Future Fund receipt
  2. Picture of photo ID
  3. Complete this form


Transcript orders are processed in 24-48 hours

Current Student: Order using this form

Registrar's Office

 Non District Course (NDC) Program

Please make sure to read all of the policies, requirements, and term deadlines for NDC Courses before enrolling in a course.  The Registrar cannot verify courses.  SRVUSD Non District Course Information for Advancement and Graduation Fulfillment
This is a three step process.  All steps must be completed before the term deadline in order for your course to be considered transferable to your High School transcript.
  1. Non District Course Intent Application (For summer coursework for 2024-25 school year. Deadline to submit the application is June 27th, 2024) 
  2. Application to Place Credit form. (NOTE- Paper Copies of "Application to Place Credit" will not be accepted.)
  3. Submission of your Official NDC Transcript from the institution to the Registrar's office by the deadline. (Transcripts emailed from a student/parent are not considered official and will not be accepted.)
Transcripts can be sent via fax, email or postal mail.
Check here to see if your NDC transcript has been received and if the NDC credits have been added to Cal High transcript.

Enroll Your Student

To enroll a student, complete an online enrollment application and then contact the Registrar
Next School Year: Enrollment for the 2024-25 school year is now open. To enroll a student, complete an online enrollment application.The first day of the 2024-25 school year is Wednesday, August 14, 2024.

NDC Transcripts

*Submit all NDC transcripts directly from the Institution to Mrs. Battu at Cal High via email, fax or mail
Deadlines For 2024-2025
For current eighth grade students wishing to put a NDC on their high school transcript, the course 
must have been completed after June 5, 2024
  • By Friday, August 16, 2024 - for students wishing to use a NDC for advancement purposes. Please plan for shipping time: all transcripts should be ordered from the outside institution by August 9, 2024 to ensure delivery by this deadline.
  • By Tuesday, September 6, 2024 - for students wishing to put a Summer, 2024 NDC onto their SRVUSD transcript
  • By Friday, January 17, 2025 - for students wishing to put a Fall, 2024 NDC onto their SRVUSD transcript
No Late submissions accepted.
NDC transcripts from previous terms and years, that were not submitted to the CHS Registrar by their term deadlines, cannot be submitted after the fact, to post to the CHS transcript. You may "self-report"  the course on your college applications for full credit and GPA 
Talk to your counselor for more information on "self-reporting" courses.

Courses Posted on CHS Transcript

Summer courses
Seniors: by September 15th
Juniors: by October 15th
Sophomores: by November 15th
Freshmen: by December 15th 
Fall courses
Seniors: by mid-January
All other grades: by late February 
Spring courses
Seniors: by late May
All other grades: by mid-June