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Diablo Valley College (DVC)  is the closest community college for students in SRVUSD. DVC offers courses that prepare students to transfer to a four-year college or career training programs.
How to Register
Graduating seniors must complete TWO applications in Spring 2024
1.  As a First-Time College Student for Spring 2024. You need to set up an account, and apply for Counseling 095 in summer in order to get priority registration for Fall 2024.
2. As a first-time college student for Summer 2024. This will let you sign up for the actual courses you need in the fall after completing the Counseling 095 course.
For a video with full and detailed instructions on how to register for DVC, click here
Consider registering for DVC in the spring even if you are planning to attend a different university.  If you decide not to attend DVC, you just drop all of your courses! 
First Time + Full Time = FREE Tuition 
A student can save money by beginning at a community college and then transferring to a four year college to complete a degree. 
Contra Costa Community College District offers The "First Time + Full Time = Free Tuition" (FT3) program offers free tuition for all eligible students. Students who qualify may receive free tuition for their first two academic years of college (fall and spring terms only).
The award will be applied to your account at the end of each academic term.
First Year Experience (FYE) at DVC
DVC offers a First Year Experience Program (FYE) for first-time college students. The program consists of 5 learning communities.
Benefits include:
  • guaranteed spots in all FYE classes 
  • access to campus resources and support services
  • exploration of major and career pathways
  • assistance setting goals and create and educational plan
See the DVC - First Time Experience page for more information on the program. 
Community College Aid

Community College Visits: