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Attendance Office

**AR 5113 States that all absences which are not cleared within two (2) days after a student's return to school shall be recorded as unexcused (CUT). 

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Marilyn McCarty (A-E)
Sandy Paek (F-L)
Tamara Weatherton (M-R)
Jessica Lopez (S-Z)
Attendance Office
The attendance office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  It is located in the Administration Building in the front of the school.
General Information
Parents or guardians must notify the school regarding all absences whether excused or unexcusedAbsences must be cleared within two days of returning to school otherwise the absence will become a cut and the student will receive consequences. 
Full Day Absence 
Parent/guardian must call the attendance secretary on the morning of or within 48 hours of the absence.  Please provide the following information:
1.    The date of the absence
2.    Spell the student’s last name
3.    The first name of the student
4.    The reason for absence
5.    Identify yourself
Partial Day Absence
Parent/guardian must call the attendance office to report a partial day absence to notify the school that a student must leave school early or is coming to school late.  In order for a partial day absence to be excused the following requirements must be met:
  • When coming to school late, the student must bring a note to the office (or) call thier attendance secretary, sign in and receive a pass to class.
  • When leaving school early, the student must bring a note to school (or) call their attendance secretary, show the note to his/her teacher (or) pick up a pass from thier attendance secretary and sign out.
Failure to follow procedures may result in a cut from the class.  Consequences can include a referral to the teacher or Monday School. In order to clear a partial day absence, students must sign in and/or out and parent contact must be made prior to the student leaving campus.
Illness at School
If a student becomes ill at school, he/she must report to the nurse or attendance office. If the nurse or attendance desk clerk determines the student should be sent home, the parents will be notified. A student may not be released unless a parent or guardian has been contacted.  Students will only be released to the parent or guardian.
Excused Absences
Make-up work resulting from an excused absence must be completed within a reasonable period of time commensurate with the length of the absence.
Excused absences include the following:
Medical/Dental/Optometric Appointments (with a medical slip from the doctor’s office only)
Funeral Services
Religious Retreat (no more than 4 hours per semester)
Approved School-Related Activities
Observation of Religious Holidays
Employment Conference (requested by parent)
Family Emergency
Court Appearance
*Excessive illnesses (calling in ill on 10 or more days) may require a doctor’s note to be excused.  For more information, please see SRVUSD District Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5113.
Unexcused Absences
A call from the attendance office will alert parents of the absences. Students with excessive absences and illnesses may be sent to the SARB team and receive further consequences.
Unexcused absences include the following:
Unexcused Absence (UNX)
Excessive Illnesses w/out a valid Dr.’s Note
Out of Town – No Independent Study Contract
Unexcused Absence (CUT)
Forged parent or doctor notes
Cutting class
Illegal phone call (Phone Forgery)
Failure to sign in or out of school
Failure to clear an absence within two days of returning to school
Excused Tardy (EDU)
Only tardies due to illness and medical appointments will be considered excused.  In order to excuse a tardy, a note from a parent, a guardian, or a medical or dental office/facility stating the reason for the tardy is required.
Very Tardy (VTY)
Students who are more than 30 minutes late to class will receive a Very Tardy. Students with excessive Vary Tardies may receive Monday School and begin the SARB process.  A Vary Tardy is considered an Unexcused Absence.
Authorized Attendance Clearance
Absences should be cleared by a telephone call personally made by the parent or guardian. Calls made by the student or persons not authorized to clear a student’s absence violate rules for attendance and will result in student disciplinary action. Official notes from a medical professional will also clear absences, and should be turned in to the office upon return to school.
Other Absences
Pre-Informed Absences (Independent Study Contract)
Trips, or other anticipated absences require a pre-informed, Independent Study Contract which should be requested from the attendance secretaries at least 5 days prior to a 5 day absence and 7 days prior to an absence longer than 5 days**.  Contracts are available for a minimum of 5 days of absence but are not to exceed 20 days of absence.  The contract must be signed by the parent and returned to the teachers for grading the day the student returns to school.
**Please keep in mind that California High School is  on a block schedule.  This may mean that your student may not able to see all of their teachers in one day.  Please allow for additional time to complete the Independent Study Contract.  Requesting a contract in advance will help teachers and students plan for their extended absence.
College Visits
California High School understands the importance of college visits for our students.  It is preferred that students and their families schedule visits during school holidays and breaks, but we also know this is not always possible.  Students in their:
  • Junior Year: are allowed TWO days excused for OFFICIAL COLLEGE VISITS.
  • Senior Year: are allowed THREE days excused for OFFICIAL COLLEGE VISITS. 
Parents still must call ahead to communicate the absence(s), and students must hand into the attendance office printed communication or forward email communication with the college within 48 hours after the visit (upon returning to school) in order for the absence to be excused. 


To request an Independent Study Contract, a parent/caregiver must submit a completed form to the CHS Attendance Office.  The Independent Study program is available to students who are not able to be at school for 5 or more consequtive school days (AR 6158).  This program provides students with the opportunity to maintain their grades and credits for their classes.
  • 5-10 day Independent Study Contract must be requested at least five school days in advance.
  • 11+ day Independent Study Contract must be requested (and the Principal must be contacted) at least seven school days in advance.
All contract travel dates must return by May 17th to qualify.


Students should be in attendance through the last day of school, June 1, 2023, to maintain their enrollment status at their current school. Independent study contracts will not be issued the last 10 days of school. All independent Study contract work must be finished and submitted by May 17, 2023 in order for work to be graded and attendance to be recorded.

If your child must leave school earlier than 10 school days before the last day of school and does not return before the end of the school year, your child may be subject to the following consequences:
  • Incomplete or lowered final grades
  • Review by school/district attendance review board
  • Unenrolled and placed on the waitlist upon re-enrollment, if space is not available.

If your student is unenrolled, there may not be a space at the current school for your student to return in the fall. In this case your student may have to be diverted to another elementary school in the district. Middle and High school students may not be able to access their elective choices if they reenroll upon their return.

Please note:
In accordance with California Education Codes 48205 and 48260, and District Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5113, any student who misses 3 or more school days without a valid excuse, as defined by AR 5113, shall be reported as truant to the District attendance supervisor.


As you plan your summer vacation, be aware that school begins on Thursday, August 10, 2023. Some of our schools are very full and may have wait lists.

  • If your child does not attend the first three days of school, your student may lose their space at your resident school site and be diverted to another school. If there is not space at your resident school when you return, your child will be placed at the closest school based on space availability.
  • If you know your student will be missing the first three days, or more, of school please send an email to the principal and office manager/attendance staff at your student’s school site.