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Mission Statement & SLOs

CHS Mission Statement
The mission of California High School is to educate, empower, and inspire all students. We promote academic and personal growth, foster healthy interests, and develop resilient mindsets and self-efficacy, guiding all students to become ethical, global citizens.
Schoolwide Learning Outcomes
CHS students will meet the California Academic Standards and be able to:
  • Communicate effectively and express themselves articulately and creatively.
  • Observe closely, think critically, and explore ideas from multiple perspectives.
  • Draw on research and reliable evidence to analyze and synthesize information across disciplines.
  • Persevere, solve problems, and embrace innovation, using collaboration and technology to enhance their learning.
  • Maintain physical, emotional, and mental health as resilient self-advocates who demonstrate respectful behavior and make responsible choices.
  • Actively respect diverse cultures, modeling empathy, integrity, and inclusion as involved citizens of their local and global communities.
  • Engage as responsible partners in their own learning, goals, and success.