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Cal High Athletics

It has been the long-standing tradition and philosophy of the California High School Athletic Department that participation in athletics is an integral part of the educational process. The many lessons that athletics can teach include: sportsmanship, self-discipline, teamwork, commitment, and developing self-confidence, as well as dealing with success and overcoming adversity. These are lessons that will last a lifetime. The true value of High School athletics rests in the learning of these lessons and working to develop future leaders. 
 Chad Ross, Athletic Director Cal High,
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If you plan to participate in a 2023-2024 sports team, you must complete the online registration process.  The window to register for all sports opened 06/01/2023. 
Athletes may select multiple sports while registering. A valid physical form must be uploaded on 
* TIP FOR GRIZZLY ATHLETES: The physician's physical is valid for one calendar year. Time your annual physical to ensure participation throughout the school year.  All physical forms must include the exam date, physician's signature and office stamp. 
Click on the
Freshmen and Transfer athletes without an account select the registration tab. 
Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors please use the same login and password all four years. This will help so you don't have to fill out the whole form every year. It will keep most information in memory. It will also move the physical date input last year to the current year. No more having to ask when your physical expires.
Make sure you select -California / San Ramon (CIF -NCS) when registering for a High School 
  • Sign in with your User Name (your Email address) and Password: What did you Choose? (write down password so you can log in again)
  • Click on New Registration at top of the page. Choose current school year, California High / San Ramon , and the sport you are trying out for. Submit. (Please pick one sport per season.)
  • Student information. Click the drop down menu for athlete already in the system. Click on athletes name. (This will auto fill the majority of the registration process. Go through and update any information if necessary.)
  • Medical History, update any new injuries or illnesses. Print out Physical Forms for doctors visit. Scan a copy of your medical card into the "proof of insurance." Upload completed physical form.  Both items must be uploaded or you will not be cleared.
  • Parent and Guardian Information, Emergency contact info should be checked and updated
  • Parent and Athlete Signatures. Parent reviews each document for updates and changes, then digitally signs by printing full name. The athlete then reviews each document for updates and changes and then signs digitally by printing full name. 
Any questions about the clearance process or Home Campus can be directed to Mrs. Jadd in the Athletc Director's office:
Clearance Dates for 2023-2024
Upload fall athletic forms before August 7, 2023
Upload winter athletic forms before October 30, 2023
Upload spring athletic forms before February 5, 2023
Note to athletes:
You must be cleared through Athletic prior to tryouts. Athletes may not try out if they have not been cleared. 


High School athletics in the San Ramon Valley Unified School district are "self-funded."  We cannot run the programs without your support.  High Schools do not receive district (tax dollar) funds for equipment, uniforms, transportation, and most coaching stipends.  As such, voluntary donations are solicited to fund these valuable programs. Without your generous donations sports at California High School cannot be offered. High school sports cost much less than outside club sports.  Please keep them afloat and ongoing with your donation. 
Voluntary Donations (defined)
Voluntary donations are needed to help alleviate our coaching staff from necessary administrative duties that the Athletic Department performs, and allows coaches to focus on our student-athletes. These donations cover major operating costs of our athletic budget which includes:  officials, equipment, possible athletic trainers, supervision/security, facility, first aid supplies, CIF, NCS & League fees and various general expenses to operate our athletic department budget.. The suggested donation will be detailed in a specific sport budget presented to parents at an  orientation meeting after teams have been finalized.


It is a privilege, not a right, to participate in any extra-curricular activity. To be eligible to tryout for any sport, SRVUSD mandates that all athletes have an unweighted 2.0 GPA or higher based on their last quarter's grades. A 2.0 GPA or higher must be maintained throughout the season or the athlete will become ineligible to participate.  


SRVUSD is implementing a new system for all adults who wish to volunteer on a school campus or drive/chaperone day and overnight field trips and athletic events. This new Volunteer Management System features a web-based software application that allows the District and all schools to better track and provide the appropriate level of clearance for school volunteers.
ALL adult volunteers will need to go through this new process. The District will NOT be asking parents to incur any of the costs associated with these clearance processes.
Visit the SRVUSD Volunteer Requirements site for more information.


Athletic Physical Education (APE) is offered by the San Ramon Valley Unified School District for students who are wanting to receive 10 Physical Education credits on their high school transcript for their participation on their high school athletics/sports teams.