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Coaching Information




Budget- All head coaches must submit a budget prior to any expenditures.  Please contact Trisa, to submit a budget.  All budgets must be approved by Trisa and the athletic director.
Purchases - obtain pre-approval for all purchases 
  • Complete the highlighted items on the form
Reimbursement - original receipt required for eligible items; should be submitted in timely fashion (within 2 weeks)
Fundraising- All fundraisers need prior approval from athletic director, and bookkeeper by submitting a fundraising request form.
Key differences / items of importance:
·         Use accrual basis accounting (record expense/purchase order at the time of order, not when receive goods/service)
·         Subject to exactly the same rules as all other district funds
·         Coaches cannot receive gifts from players using team funds (parent/parent groups must purchase on own)
·         Awards to student athletes:
o   End of Season: unlimited amount of awards in the form of plaque, trophy of certificate; 3 paid by Athletic Director funds (and sport patches paid by AD);
o   Senior Night: award for achievement to Seniors for dedication to Cal High, can consist of a gift but must be less than $200 each (i.e. football helmet, flowers, tshirt, etc);
o   Homecoming: award to cheerleaders for exemplary achievement in athletics
·         Purchasing of services, equipment and supplies is centralized in the Purchasing Department
o   Generally items/services >$200 require purchase requisition form (tournament entry fees, block of hotel rooms, end of season banquet, uniforms, etc)
·         Reimbursement for items/services <$200 require reimbursement form
·         Ineligible items for reimbursement: gifts or gift cards, loans to students, alcohol, flowers, payments to employees for services rendered, textbooks, software, charitable donations, chemicals or hazardous materials
·         All reimbursements must be accompanied by complete and appropriate backup. Reimbursements require original, itemized receipts:
o   Internet receipts must be accompanied by proof of delivery/shipping and method of payment (ie credit card statement).
o   Receipts must indicate the vendor name, the total amount paid and method of payment.
o   Receipts cannot include personal expenses.
o   List the name or purpose of the event if the receipts are for food or meeting supplies and include names of attendees.
·         If there are no funds available in the team account, reimbursement may be denied or delayed.