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SRVUSD Athletic Physical Education Information:  
  • Athletic Physical Education (APE) is offered by the San Ramon Valley Unified School District to students who wish to earn ten Physical Education credits on their high school transcript for their participation on their high school athletics/sports teams.  In order to earn the credits through APE, students must complete the request form, including signatures by student-athlete, parent/guardian, and coach. The request form must be turned into the student-athlete’s high school Athletic Director the last week of the league season in which the student participated. Upon verification from the coach that the student-athlete regularly attended practices and contests and completed the season in good standing, they will receive 10 credits of PE on her/his high school transcript.
  • Athletic PE is for 10th-12th grade students only. All 10th graders must have passed the PE 9 fitness test. 9th grade students are NOT eligible for athletic PE even if they are playing a sport at Cal High. All 9th grade students will be enrolled in PE 9. 
  • Athletic PE is only available to those students that compete in the East Bay Athletic League sports offered by Cal High.  
Athletic PE Steps:
  • Download and print APE Request Form from below.
  • Return your completed request form prior to the end of the season to receive you credit.